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Dr Ellie Cavale


Ellie grew up in Athens. Surrounded by abandoned strays, a common issue in Greece, she spent most of her childhood hand rearing orphans. In Athens, with vet clinics overwhelmed by strays, Ellie was put in charge of treating her first parvovirus case at the age of 10 years old! Soon after, she took on the responsibility of finding a vet for a neighbour's injured puppy- it was this experience that made her realise she never wanted to feel helpless again when faced with a pet in need. And her career path was formed...

Ellie studied veterinary medicine at the Aristotelian University and moved to the UK soon after she qualified. She completed a Master’s degree in Veterinary Microbiology in 2001 at the Royal Veterinary College, London, and after a couple of years in Bournemouth she has been based in South London since 2004.

Over the years Ellie developed a keen interest in animal welfare and complex soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery, which was put into good use during her time at the RSPCA. She was awarded a Postgraduate Certificate In Small Animal Surgery in 2017 and she is on the register of Advanced Veterinary Practitioners.

In her spare time, apart from spending time with her human family, Ellie enjoys keeping fit, travelling, photography and the theatre. Yoga, and the company of her two cats, Mouse and Eddie, help keep Ellie grounded and content.

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