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Parasite Prevention

Pets of all shapes and sizes, whether they go outside or not, are susceptible to a range of nasty parasites. Some of these parasites are invisible to the naked eye, and others can live inside your pet, such as lungworm.


Parasite infections can cause a wide range of clinical signs in your pet, and some infections can even be fatal if left untreated. Young children and the elderly can also be affected from some pet parasites. This is why we advise regular parasite prevention, to keep our pets, and ourselves, healthy and happy. 

What parasites could my pet have?

Ectoparasites live on the skin, fur and in the ears of pets. These can include fleas, lice, mites and ticks.


Endoparasites live inside your pets organs. These can include a range of intestinal worms (tapeworm, roundworm etc), protozoal parasites (such as giardia), and lungworm, which is one of the most deadly parasite infections dogs can suffer from. 


Pets from abroad can bring over exotic parasitic, bacterial and fungal infections. If you have recently moved from abroad, or have adopted a new pet from an overseas charity, we strongly advise bringing your pet to us for a health check. 

How do I get parasite treatment for my pet?

Most safe and effective parasite treatments available in the UK will require a veterinary prescription. As long as your pet has been seen by us within the past year, we should be able to prescribe appropriate parasite treatment for your pet.

We usually require up to two days to prepare any medication that has been requested.


There are hundreds of parasite treatments one can by over-the-counter or online without a prescription. These are often unsafe and ineffective in protecting your pet. If you do wish to use one of these products, please contact us first with the product name so we can advise on it's use. 

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