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At Vets on the Common, we provide primary care for all species of animals, including rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, birds, snakes, hedgehogs and more. Some of the services we provide include general health consultations, dental procedures, beak trimming, mass removals, ID band removal, microchipping, neutering and more.


If you are unsure if your exotic pet requires specialist or referral treatment, please call us so we can guide you on what is best for you and your pet. 

Exotic pets usually refer to any domestic animal that isn’t a dog or a cat. Pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, hedgehogs, geckos and snakes are becoming increasingly popular and can make great companions. Nevertheless, these animals often have unique dietary and environmental requirements and owners should do a lot of research before taking home an exotic pet.


The majority of health issues vets see in exotic animals are often related to poor diet or husbandry, such as inappropriate lighting and temperature. At Vets on the Common, we would never criticise or blame a pet owner for not fully understanding their pet’s requirements. Instead, we are here to educate, and to provide guidance and support to our clients so that their pets can have happy and healthy lives. If you are unsure about how to properly look after your exotic pet, we would love to see you and your pet at the practice so that we can help you. 

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